Monday, May 04, 2009

Binocular vision

Most every holiday season, I blog about how to choose a first telescope for you or someone else, and I recommend considering binoculars. Today's 365 Days of Astronomy podcast by Robin Scagell discusses stargazing with binoculars, and it outlines the advantages and limitations of binoculars for astronomy.

There's one major advantage of binoculars that the podcast leaves out, though. Binoculars are good for many uses other than astronomy, so if you find that astronomy observing isn't your cup of tea, and/or if you do a lot of other outdoor activities such as hiking, sightseeing, or birdwatching, binoculars will prove quite useful and portable. Telescopes are less portable and harder to use for non-astronomy purposes.

While we are on 2009 International Year of Astronomy topics (the 365 Days of Astronomy podcast is produced as part of the IYA), why not vote in my latest opinion poll on how you have been celebrating the International Year of Astronomy? Voting ends today.

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