Friday, April 03, 2009

100 Hours of Astronomy now and throughout the weekend

With the weekend looming (or already started, depending on where you live), the 100 Hours of Astronomy world-wide astronomy festival is underway. I blogged about many of the events earlier this week, but right now you can watch professional astronomers at observatories around the globe working and sharing discoveries with you, all streaming over the web. Tonight and tomorrow night, there will be sidewalks star parties throughout the world, where you and your family/friends/giant invisible rabbits can go and look through telescopes without cost or obligation. Just click here to find registered star parties near in the U.S.A., or be on the lookout for telescopes near you! (There used to be a nice tool for finding events world-wide at the 100 Hours website that seems to have disappeared. Here's the link anyway, in the hopes that someone will put it back up again soon.)

It looks like several of my links from my earlier blog post are dead; evidently somebody revised the website structure at at the last minute. Not smart, guys!

UPDATE (11:05am CDT): Evidently, the website has been pared down to deal with the large number of visitors. That still doesn't help people find events for tonight, but what do I know? (I always get grumpy when websites run out of bandwidth; this used to happen a lot to NASA during shuttle launches. But if the bandwidth problem occurs during a planned streaming broadcast that the site heavily advertised, then someone didn't do enough contingency planning. I realize that the vast majority of the 100 Hours stuff is planned by volunteers who don't have a lot of time for this, and I realize that the company doing the streaming, ustream, has had some technical glitches in the past day, too. Even so, it still makes me grumpy. Oh well, too late now.)

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