Sunday, February 08, 2009

Bon jour!

That phrase is about 50% of the French I know. Yet today I find myself in Strasbourg, France, for a three-day workshop on intermediate-mass stars (for this conference, this means stars that are roughly six to twelve times the mass of our sun).

I'll blog more about it over the week, as time permits. Right now my brain is jello due to jet lag. Our plane landed this morning at what was midnight back home, so I was only somewhat tired on the plane. It didn't help that a toddler in the next row kept screaming the entire flight. Her parents tried very hard to keep her quiet, but I think she was over-tired and over-stimulated. Anyway, her scream was able to pierce through my normally trusty earplugs. But the flight was amazingly smooth. It's just a shame I was awake for the entire nine hours of it.

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