Monday, January 26, 2009

A newish poll, and minor changes to comments policy

A couple of weeks ago, I put up a new poll on the top right of this page. If you haven't already, feel free to vote! The poll was based on my musings in this post.

Also, due to a couple of minor recent incidents, I've made some minor changes to the comments policy. The policy used to say that I reserved the right to edit posts for clarity or to keep out questionable matters, but it turns out that Blogger won't let me edit comments. So I changed it to specify that I may delete comments that are far off-topic, rude, have foul language, or contain advertising (alas, I've had all of those in the past few weeks).

I also added a brief blurb mentioning that all comments on posts more than 7 days old are moderated, since about 80% of those comments are spam. So, feel free to comment on old posts, but please be patient when waiting for them to appear.

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