Thursday, October 30, 2008

Be sure to vote (no, not just for president)

A couple of weeks ago, I discovered a new widget for adding polls to the blog. So, for fun, I made a poll about astronomy & taxes and posted it. Go ahead and try it out! I promise, no pop-up ads or special offers or computer viruses will come from that.

On Monday, I'll discuss the results. And then I'll try to think of something new.

On Tuesday, if you're a US citizen, please go out and vote (as long as you haven't already). And, in addition to the presidential race, pay attention to your state and local races, too. I'm amazed how many smart people in my own department don't care about a lot of those. But, if you don't vote in the local elections and your favorite local park disappears, or your property taxes double, or your kid's school falls apart, or you end up on trial in front of that crooked judge, you'll find yourself wishing that you had paid closer attention. Government begins in your backyard.

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