Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Walking around in a fog

Since Thursday evening, I've been at McDonald Observatory in west Texas. And, since Thursday, it has been raining, foggy, cloudy, and generally miserable. Not much optical astronomy can be done in fog, so I've had to find other pursuits to occupy my time.

Some of my time was spent finishing revisions on a paper I've submitted for publication in one of our professional journals. This afternoon I put the final touches on my edits and sent it in to the Astrophysical Journal. Now I have to wait for a few weeks for the peer reviewer to look at the paper, make yet more suggestions, and return it to me. I've been working on these particular revisions for a few months, so it is nice to send the paper back out.

Some more of my time has been spent working on revisions to the format of this blog. I write my articles through Blogger, and they have some neat new modules (like the blog roll, better syndication, and some other cool stuff that I need to figure out how to work). I still need to set up forwarding on the old blog and do some site redesign on my main web site. But late nights are good for that sort of thing.

As for astronomical observing, all is not lost. Despite the night starting off with rain and fog, tonight has dried out fairly well, and there are holes in the clouds. So, I have the telescope pointed, and I'm waiting for one of those holes to cross my targets. Such is the life of an astronomer in bad weather.

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