Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Comments Policy

In the last week, several posts (mostly old ones) had spam comments posted. I think I've deleted most of these, but let me know if I've missed one.

Further, maybe it's now a good time to put into writing my (previously unspoken) comments policy. I haven't had any trouble beyond the occasional spam, but for posterity:

  1. I retain the right to change the method of posting comments, to change this comments policy, or to disable comments altogether, without any notice.
  2. I receive email notification of every comment, so it's no use trying to hide comments on old posts.
  3. Please don't make any personal attacks on people. If a flame war breaks out, I'll kill the comments pronto. Unwarranted personal attacks will be deleted.
  4. Please keep comments relevant to the discussion at hand. Comments that I feel are way off-topic may be deleted.
  5. Comments containing foul language will be deleted. This is a family-friendly site.
  6. Comments containing advertising for commercial products are not allowed. Any such comments will be deleted.
  7. Advertisements for events (such as meetings, TV shows, movies, etc.) that may be of general interest may be posted, but I reserve the right to review and delete any such comments without notice.
  8. Comments that are libelous or slanderous are illegal and will be deleted upon detection, though a copy may be retained for law enforcement.
  9. If you see a comment that you feel is inappropriate, please let me know. I will respond as I see fit, which may include deleting said comment, allowing a rebuttal, or no action at all.

I am a strong believer in freedom of speech, and I am generally pretty tolerant. In fact, I encourage discussion and commenting. And, as I said, there haven't been too many problems yet. But I do intend to keep a tight lid on things. If you want to argue with me or with someone else, there are other forums for such things. Thanks for your understanding.

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