Monday, June 09, 2008

Astronomy social networking

People don't come to me for advice on social networking, and for good reason. There are deep sea sponges that are more outgoing than I am. But astronomy is becoming more and more accessible through online networking, and I learned about several such endeavors while at the American Astronomical Society meeting last week. So, here is a completely incomplete list of a few options for a few popular social networking sites. Network away! And, if you have any good suggestions for further networking, let people know in the comments below. (Astronomy-related only, please, and no spamming or adverts -- I'll check up and delete anything else with extreme malice.)

Like any good networking, these are starting points to use to branch out to even more interconnectedness.


  • MarsPhoenix -- a first-person update on the Mars Phoenix Mission, sent to your desktop from Mars.
  • astronomy2009 -- Updates on the 2009 International Year of Astronomy
  • BadAstronomer -- Phil Plait, the Bad Astronomer, one of the better online outreach people this science has
(Yes, I'm on Twitter, but under yet another pseudonym, and unless you want daily updates on my grocery list, you don't want my tweets.)


Facebook: I'm just getting started exploring MySpace, and don't exist there yet (though my mild-mannered alter-ego does). But I do know of a few astronomy-related groups, such as:

So, get networking! Show me up! (Not too hard to do...)

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