Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I'm spending my second night in a row watching thick clouds roll by over our telescope. The night started off with another sucker hole, so we got ready to try and observe. But then the clouds started rolling in, and that pretty much ended things. Tomorrow is my last night, and it isn't looking very hopeful right now. I hope the weather is wrong -- it is not a good feeling to come away with only one night out of four.

So, I'm trying to stay up as late as I can, just in case tomorrow night is clear I'll still be on a night schedule. I've been trying to catch up on work, but I am so hopelessly behind, I'm not making much of a dent!

Anyway, happy Mother's Day to all of you mothers. I didn't get everything to my mom and grandmothers in the mail before I came up here, so some gifts will be arriving late. (Sorry, Mom!)

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