Monday, February 25, 2008

Crime and (hopefully) punishment

Although Rodion Raskolnikov was (thankfully) not spotted over the weekend, some person or people decided to go on a crime spree of their own in our department on Sunday afternoon. The perpetrators crawled through the ceiling to get into several offices, making off with electronics equipment and random other things (toys, candy, and other less-valuable commodities). This particular burglary is the most brash of a series in our building.

Although we are hoping that the University will open CSI: Astronomy to solve the theft, and although a ton of evidence was left behind, I'm pessimistic that we'll see our stuff again. And we worry about how to secure our things, if locked offices can be entered so easily. Some things can be taken home or locked down, but not everything.

So, thanks to someones desire to earn a few bucks and get a bit of a laugh at the same time, several thousand dollars (mostly taxpayer dollars at that) and weeks of some people's research (not mine, thankfully!) are gone. I'd like to give a big sarcastic thanks to the thief, and if in the future he or she is ever the victim of a theft, they are able to acknowledge how much fun crime can be, and not feel the least bit upset over their loss. After all, they had fun, didn't they?

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