Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Winter starts tonight! Believe it or not, all the awful winter weather many Americans have been suffering has been part of this year's autumn. With the arrival of winter and the holidays, I'll be shuttering up (or maybe just shutting up) and not blogging until the new year (2008, they'll call it).

In the meantime, lots of astronomy will be happening. Mars is at its brightest, visible as the brightest object in the night sky all night long. Comet Holmes is still visible, but is harder to see because it has gotten so large. The moon will be nearly full, helping to light the way for Santa Claus. So, if you receive a telecope or binoculars, there's a lot to see!

Thank you one and all for reading this year, and I'll be back on January 2 or 3rd!

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