Thursday, August 16, 2007

Visiting colleagues in Tucson

I needed to return to Tucson in order to visit colleagues and finish up some work, so I decided that this might be a good time. Classes have not started yet, so I don't have to fight crowds of students (or so I thought), and, it being summer, travel to Tucson is cheap. Let's face it -- why go to the desert in the middle of summer?

It's been a very useful and busy trip, but I didn't miss out on the student crowds. Today and tomorrow are move-in days on campus, so traffic is snarled with a new crop of freshmen unloading their earthly possessions into small dorm rooms. And the sorority across the street from the astronomy department has chosen today to have their pledges stand outside and shout various cheers all day long, which is quite distracting. But, I did miss out on the tropical storm back in Texas. So my timing isn't that horrible.

Anyway, I'm here another day for collaboration work. There's only so much one can accomplish via email or video conferencing -- a little face time can work wonders on a stalled project.

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