Tuesday, July 17, 2007

The times, they are a changin'

In the University world, summer tends to be when the most dramatic changes happen. New people come, other people leave. We very much follow the academic year, mostly out of necessity. Our main mission is the education of college students, and so we have to plan ahead and be fully prepared come the first day of classes.

Although my situation is not changing, much is going on around me. A couple of well-liked postdocs are taking off for new jobs, and a few new postdocs will be arriving. The graduate students who finished their dissertations are starting to leave for their new postdoc positions; new graduate students are starting to arrive to begin their studies. The chair of our department will be leaving on a year-long sabbatical in a few weeks, meaning there will be a new person taking over the role of chair and starting to put their stamp on the department.

And so, the department that existed at the end of the spring semester will have changed, in some ways subtly, in some ways dramatically, when the first student arrives for class at the end of August. And, for once, I can sit back and watch and wait to see what happens!

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