Thursday, July 19, 2007

Pictures from last week's teacher workshop

As I promised last week, I have put up some pictures from the science teacher continuing education workshop I helped to run at McDonald Observatory. If you want to see the fun we had, the pictures are here.

The workshops are arranged so that we have classroom activities during the day (these activities are designed by educators here at McDonald for the teachers to take back to their classrooms, and these activities fulfill Texas state physics education guidelines), and then in the evenings we would have dinner, take a tour of a telescope before sunset (which was at 9pm), and then use a couple of small telescopes for the first part of the night. Since most of the teachers are used to waking up with the chickens and going to bed early, by midnight most of our group was exhausted and ready to pack it in.

This year's group had some bad luck with the weather, as we were only able to use the telescopes on two of the four nights. But I think they made the best use out of the time they had. And, hopefully, some of the teachers will carry these activities back to their classrooms. That is the entire goal -- to spread our knowledge of the Universe as far and wide as we can, and to help young people gain a better understanding of science .

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