Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Road trip!

Yesterday, I drove eight hours from Austin to McDonald Observatory, located in western Texas near the town of Fort Davis. My reason for coming out here is to bring the graduate student class I am teaching to the observatory for a week of time on the telescopes. The class is on their way out today, but I came out last night so that I could learn to use a new camera on one of the telescopes before I try and show the students how to use it.

This should be a lot of fun. I'll have my hands full the first couple of nights, but hopefully after that the students will know how to use each telescope, and will be able to take their own data. Then I'll be able to step back from teaching and just supervise.

Over the coming days, I'll take some pictures to share; hopefully one of them won't be a tangled mass of metal that used to be a telescope.

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