Monday, May 07, 2007

Back in the desert

On Friday I hopped on a plane (OK, I actually walked on the plane; if I had hopped on, I suspect they would have called security). After hopping/walking on the plane, I traveled to Tucson, Arizona, for a visit. A good friend had a wedding on Saturday, and I thought I would take a few days to visit colleagues at Steward Observatory today before returning home. I probably have several weeks worth of science I could accomplish here, but I'll settle for a day.

The wedding and reception was a lot of fun, though some may question my definition of "fun" if you consider that at least half of the crowd consisted of astronomers from across the nation. Talk would vary from how people/families are doing to evaluations of various astronomy departments to discussion of new science to how we could get various people out on the dance floor, all within a few sentences. But, if we were being geeky, we were all being geeky together. So, congratulations to Jason and Haiyin! And I'll be back to more exciting news from astronomy in a few days.

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