Thursday, May 24, 2007

An astronomer without a computer feels so lost

Computers are a central element to all modern astronomy research. All of our observations are taken digitally and written to computer. Interpreting these images requires a computer. We write computer programs to simulate the Universe, to mine our data, and to test our work. We are in constant touch with other astronomers by email. Even most of our professional journals are online, so we read them online rather than walking down to the library.

My computer is getting a tune-up this week. The operating system was quite old, and many new programs wouldn't work on the machine. So, while the machine is getting upgraded, I only have my laptop. That means I can check email, read journals, and do blog postings, but I can't do very much research.

So, here's hoping that the upgrade goes smoothly and I can be back working again later today. In the meantime, I will work on writing papers and a few other chores that need done.

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  1. I helped out at an astronomy camp for blind students a few years ago. It illustrated quite strikingly how different astronomy work is from the visual observing most people think it is...