Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Summing up the supernova conference

For a week and a half now, I've been blogging about a conference on the Type Ia supernovae that I attended. It was a lot of fun, and I learned quite a bit. And, after today, you won't have to read my continual blatherings about the science there.

But though the conference is over, the work is not. First, there are a lot of interesting scientific results to mull over, and questions that need to be answered. It will take many smart scientists working for quite a while to sort this out.

And there is one other job I need to do. Today, as a lunchtime talk here in Texas, I'll be talking about the conference and the science findings presented there. Out of thousands of astronomers worldwide, only a hundred or so were at this conference. So it takes summaries like what I am doing to spread the news. It may be that people are not interested (in which case they won't come), but for the others, there is just too much going on in astronomy to keep up on it all. So we often rely on summary talks and review papers to bring us up to speed on what is happening in widely varied fields we may not be working in. I just hope I can do the conference justice.

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