Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heading off to sunny Seattle

Okay, it's probably not sunny in Seattle. If you really want to know, take a look at the Space Needle Webcam for a live shot. Looks kinda wet right now. No wonder coffee was invented in Seattle (or something like that).

But, later today I am off to Seattle anyway. Starting Sunday is the 209th meeting of the American Astronomical Society, which meats twice a year. The winter meeting is the biggie, with several thousand astronomers from across the continent arriving to talk about their work. If you live in Seattle, happen to be passing the Convention Center and hear people in a heated discussion over the value of "w," know that they are likely astronomers, so please don't call the cops on them.

This also means that you are likely to see a flurry of news reports about new astronomical findings. If you see something that I don't mention and you want to ask about, please drop me a line! Links to online news articles are helpful, too, because the press often completely garbles the results, but with the full story, I can often piece things back together.

I am headed out to the meeting early because there is a meeting of the other astronomers in the country who have the same fellowship I have, the National Science Foundation's Astronomy and Astrophysics Postdoctoral Fellowship. We have a day and a half of meetings planned, both to introduce ourselves to each other, to talk about each other's research, and to participate in that all-important job of networking. I'm guessing that there will be about 20 fellows there, plus a handful of invited guests.

I'll will bring you news as it unfolds!


  1. I'm following you to Seattle in a couple days. See you there!

  2. Hi, I found you on my space and am thrilled. I am a beginning star gazer. I can't call myself an astronomer but I love looking in my telescope at the moon. So far that is all I am concentrating on.
    How do you become an astronomer? I don't expect to be one because I am so old and it's too late for me. But I love anything astronomy. Thanks for your blog.