Monday, October 02, 2006

A question for any frequent travelers

The following is not a complaint, but an honest question for any of you who fly a lot. I'm just trying to figure out human behavior.

This weekend I took a trip to California to visit family, flying out on Friday and coming back on Sunday. Both times, I sat in the aisle seat, which I chose because I like to be able to stand up and stretch without climbing over the poor bloke next to me. Anyway, both times, the person at the window next to me pulled the shade down on the window before takeoff and left it down the entire time. My question is, why?

I can think of two major reasons someone might do this. One, they don't like the window seat and had to take one. Two, something is wrong with the view (like we are over the ocean, or the sun is shining in, or with the clouds it is too bright). But neither of these seemed to fit on my flight. There were aisle seats available, and the sun was not shining in our side of the plane.

So, my question is, what is the point of a window seat if you close the window shade and it is not one of the two points I made above? Am I missing something obvious?

Again, I'm just curious. If I wanted to look out the window badly enough, I could have had a window seat, so I'm not an anyway peeved by this behavior.

As for astronomy, well, I have no burning comments today. Back to science tomorrow!

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  1. I think the person was probably either trying to sleep, watch a movie, or feeling airsick. Sometimes staring out the window makes my parents feel airsick when they fly. I personally like the window shades up unless I'm watching in-flight entertainment.