Thursday, September 07, 2006

Settling in

Moving to a new place is not much fun, but I think I am just about settled in. A couple of pieces of new furniture arrive today, and my home newspaper and internet should start next week. That will make for a good start.

Meanwhile, astronomy keeps marching on in spite of my absence. I am trying to catch up on reading scientific articles that have appeared in the last few weeks, collaborators are bugging me for information, and later this month it will be time for telescope proposals to be submitted. Plus, it is about time to start applying for jobs again (even though I am not yet settled!).

As part of my new position, I will be making some changes/improvements to this blog in the coming month or two, and I'll be asking for input along the way. So, there is much to do in little time. I guess I'd better get busy!

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