Saturday, September 16, 2006

Astronomy and the American pastime

Last night I went to the Dell Diamond ballpark to watch the Tucson Sidewinders defeat the Round Rock (Austin) Express to win minor league baseball's Pacific Coast League Championship. The Sidewinders now advance to the minor league version of the World Series, playing the winner of the International League Championship.

Although I now live in Austin, I was rooting for the Sidewinders, as I've gotten to watch them quite a bit in the last few years. Next year, I promise to root for the Express.

I did have a bit of an astronomy experience. At the game, I sat next to two college kids who came to watch the game. One, semi-obnoxious kid was from El Paso and rooting quite loudly for Tucson. The other was a local guy rooting for the Express. I was chatting with the latter gentleman, who mentioned that he had just had a dream the previous night about going to the observatory.

Coincidence? Yes, absolutely. But it gave an opening to chat for a little bit about what I do, in between pitches. I always like those easy openings.

Anyway, congrats to the Sidewinders, and have a good weekend!

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