Friday, August 11, 2006

Science and chaos

Our conference in Leicester, England, is continuing. Most of the talks are on more specialized projects, and it can be hard to stay awake. But there are nuggets of science important for my work hidden among the rest.

The biggest topic is the terror alert due to the foiling of a plot to bomb airplanes bound for the US. As someone who will be on a flight from the UK to the US on Saturday, I am quite happy they caught the plotters. But it does mean that travel will be even less fun, as we cannot bring anything on board beyond essential medicines -- not books, soduku puzzles, iPods, etc. So, I will be forced to watch the airplane movie (probably Ishtar 2, with by luck).

The above picture, taken from the Sydney Herald web site, is Heathrow Airport yesterday. We'll see what it is like at Gatwick tomorrow.

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