Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Finishing the teacher workshop

We're all getting a little tired, but we've had a lot of fun. I am having fun, anyway, and I hope the teachers are, too. In the last few nights we have looked at nearly 50 Messier objects, a few dozen NGC objects, dozens of meteors and satellites, and a handful of bats, deer, and rattlesnakes.

We've also worked a lot on understanding white dwarfs, the remains of stars that have completed their lives. The point of this is not just to teach science teachers about white dwarfs, but also to present ways for teachers to relate the physics, geology, and chemistry that they teach to current science research. The hope is that, in this way, middle- and high-school students see that what they are learning is related to current, exciting research, and not just a list of math equations developed by a bunch of dead guys.

This morning we are wrapping things up, and by tonight I should be back home in my bed in Tucson!

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