Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Not much to say

I know it would surprise my family, but I really am at a loss for words today. In the last 24 hours, I have read five nights worth of data off of DVDs, started a day-long program running, and looked for airplane tickets to England. Plus my computer decided to crash overnight, so I had to go into recovery mode.

Even astronomers have boring days!


  1. It has been an interesting couple of days in Tuscarawas County, OH. Monday night a loud boom was heard and a fireball was seen in parts of the county. People, of course, thought we were being bombed, but, according to someone from the National Weather Service in Pittsburgh, PA, it was from a meteor falling through the atmosphere.

  2. Now that is interesting. Fireballs (very bright meteors) are not that rare, but having noise associated with them is rarer. This web page by the International Meteor Organization describes some of the phenomena observed with fireballs.
    Thanks for the report!