Sunday, January 15, 2006

100th post & Stardust returns

Well, this is Professor Astronomy's 100th post on this blog. For many people that may not be too impressive, since many bloggers post several times each day. But for myself, I see this as a landmark, given that I am notoriously bad at emailing family and friends, let alone maintaining an almost-daily post.

I am in the airport, flying back home after the astronomy conference, and I see on TV that the Stardust capsule, containing small amounts of dust from a comet and from interstellar space, has returned safely to Earth after a 7-year, 3 billion mile journey. Congratulations to the team of scientists, engineers, and other workers who successfully ran this mission. It will take years of study to tease the results from this mission, but the most stressful part is done.

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