Thursday, September 09, 2004

More Observing Pictures

Here are some more pictures I took today while waiting for it to get dark:

Sunset over Baboquivari Peak west of Mount Hopkins.

This picture shows Kitt Peak, the observatory I was at last weekend, silhouetted against the twilight sky. The telescopes are barely visible as the bumps on top of the mountain. For a great picture, check this picture by Steve West out. It was taken with a C90 spotting scope and a Nikon 990 camera. Mine was taken with an Olympus digital camera and no scope whatsoever.

This is an image of the MMT taken as the dome was opening tonight. The mirror is 6.5 meters across (about 20 feet).

This is our control room, where all of our images are taken and the telescope is controlled. We can't see the telescope from where we sit. You can see some stars in the TV screen on the left of the shelf. At this point we were taking a long exposure.